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Channeling Hawaii’s soul.

The Hawaii Executive Conference, Hawaii’s premier leadership event, is an annual multi-day conference that brings global leaders together to discuss the future of the state. When aio founder Duane Kurisu assumed control of the conference in 2018, he made significant changes to ensure the conference was bringing the right people together for the correct reasons. His goal? To lead and inspire with Hawaii’s soul. Library Creative was brought in to lead the conference’s creative effort, which ranged from printed collateral to event logistics to outdoor lighting.

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First impressions matter

With the new direction of the Hawaii Executive Conference in place, it was important for us to develop a creative package that elevated the brand, and inspired its attendees to action. At an invitation-only event with over 6 dozen global executives, dignitaries, and celebrities, we understood that time was most important to our guests. Our final solution was a simple package that allowed guests to interact without feeling overwhelmed with content. We placed event schedules, frequently asked questions, and resort maps in a printed piece that attendees carried on their person throughout the event. The remainder of the information was organized in a program book that was readily available at each event – out of sight for those who didn’t need it, but accessible for those who wanted it.

A logistical challenge, solved

We worked with our sister company, Upspring, to develop a responsive website for the attendees. Guests were given an individualized access code to register for the conference. Everything from guest information, to hotel and activity reservations, could be done from the Hawaii Executive Conference website. The information was then stored in a custom CRM, which was managed by event staff and updated in real time.




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Building a platform for justice.

In 2018, Library Creative was tasked with redesigning the website for MALDEF, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund. Though MALDEF has been defending Latino civil rights for the last 50 years, their digital platform felt dated. Our solution involved creating a responsive website that gave users easy access to engage with the organization.

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Making justice accessible for all

In order to turn the next generation into advocates, MALDEF needed to engage with on-the-go users. Our solution involved creating a highly-responsive website that gave users easy access to the organizations top five goal areas: support for Education, Employment, Immigrants’ Rights, Voting Rights, and Access to Justice. By strategically mapping content around these five sections, we were able to direct users (across any device) to the right content, all within a few clicks or taps. 

Bringing light to tough issues

As a legal resource, MALDEF needed to present its content in a way that was transparent and straightforward. To keep things engaging, we introduced positive imagery and neutral design elements to help tell stories, rather than just overwhelm readers with copy. This set the tone early, and helped users feel reassured when visiting the website.

H.T. Hayashi Foundation



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Guiding Hawaii’s next generation forward.

Family-owned real estate management company HTH Asset sought to expand its philanthropic efforts through the H.T. Hayashi Foundation, aimed at helping Hawaii’s underserved children. Library Creative partnered with the Foundation to guide their new brand identity, ensuring relevance, cultural sensitivity, and positivity.


Reaching for the stars

Because the Foundation had achieved so much, we were overwhelmed with cues on which to draw for visual inspiration. We instead looked to history – Hawaiians of old were infamous for using celestial wayfinding as their primary means of navigation. We used the following symbols to develop the identity:

*sun/sky: symbol of a brighter future
*star: relating to one’s dreams and aspirations
*mahiole (negative space of the sky): a helmet worn by the leaders of old Hawaii; symbolizes the initiative and responsibility of taking care of its people
*canoe: the base instrument for bringing people together; culturally relevant for an entity that works with different organizations to weave a strong foundation.


Assembling the elements

Developing a full identity around the logo mark proved to be a difficult process – we wanted the Foundation’s brand to stand out amongst its competitors, but we didn’t want it to feel like a corporate entity. Through trial and error and client collaboration, we developed a strong color palette and accompanying stationery materials that helped bring the discrete elements of the brand together.

Eggs 'n Things



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More than just eggs. Way more.

Popular local eatery, Eggs ‘n Things, partnered with Library Creative to refresh its identity through its digital presence. Though the brand was widely known in Japan, it had a difficult time reaching its Hawaii audience, who assumed the restaurant only operated during breakfast hours. Our solution was to tell the story of the nearly 75-year-old island staple through a revamped website. We took what made Eggs ‘n Things popular, and translated it for a modern audience.

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Having fun with food

In order to capture a younger audience, we hand-lettered common phrases that encapsulated the energy and spirit of Eggs ‘n Things. These fun illustrations, combined with images of popular food items, helped bring new life to the brand. We carried these visuals over into print ads, placed in popular hospitality and destination publications throughout Hawaii.


Bringing tradition up to date

Eggs ‘n Things prided itself on its commitment to tradition – stepping into its restaurants felt like taking a trip back in time. Though the execution worked in person, a dated website did not do the brand many favors. We overhauled the entire digital presence, from design to development to e-commerce, to ensure a consistent experience for guests in Hawaii and abroad.