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Guiding Hawaii’s next generation forward.

Family-owned real estate management company HTH Asset sought to expand its philanthropic efforts through the H.T. Hayashi Foundation, aimed at helping Hawaii’s underserved children. Library Creative partnered with the Foundation to guide their new brand identity, ensuring relevance, cultural sensitivity, and positivity.


Reaching for the stars

Because the Foundation had achieved so much, we were overwhelmed with cues on which to draw for visual inspiration. We instead looked to history – Hawaiians of old were infamous for using celestial wayfinding as their primary means of navigation. We used the following symbols to develop the identity:

*sun/sky: symbol of a brighter future
*star: relating to one’s dreams and aspirations
*mahiole (negative space of the sky): a helmet worn by the leaders of old Hawaii; symbolizes the initiative and responsibility of taking care of its people
*canoe: the base instrument for bringing people together; culturally relevant for an entity that works with different organizations to weave a strong foundation.


Assembling the elements

Developing a full identity around the logo mark proved to be a difficult process – we wanted the Foundation’s brand to stand out amongst its competitors, but we didn’t want it to feel like a corporate entity. Through trial and error and client collaboration, we developed a strong color palette and accompanying stationery materials that helped bring the discrete elements of the brand together.