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Building a platform for justice.

In 2018, Library Creative was tasked with redesigning the website for MALDEF, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund. Though MALDEF has been defending Latino civil rights for the last 50 years, their digital platform felt dated. Our solution involved creating a responsive website that gave users easy access to engage with the organization.

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Making justice accessible for all

In order to turn the next generation into advocates, MALDEF needed to engage with on-the-go users. Our solution involved creating a highly-responsive website that gave users easy access to the organizations top five goal areas: support for Education, Employment, Immigrants’ Rights, Voting Rights, and Access to Justice. By strategically mapping content around these five sections, we were able to direct users (across any device) to the right content, all within a few clicks or taps. 

Bringing light to tough issues

As a legal resource, MALDEF needed to present its content in a way that was transparent and straightforward. To keep things engaging, we introduced positive imagery and neutral design elements to help tell stories, rather than just overwhelm readers with copy. This set the tone early, and helped users feel reassured when visiting the website.